Monday, February 18, 2013

Get Your Hair Soft and Shiny!

One'n'only  Brazilian Tech Keratin Leave-In Treatment

I have been using this leave-in-conditioner for about a month now and I LOVE it! It makes your hair so soft, shiny, and just healthy overall. I just spray about 4 pumps onto my hands and run the product through my hair after showering. I then go about my routine as normal. I use it a lot, probably every other day. This stuff also smells amazing too. Its like a mixture of baby powder, coconut, and vanilla. It also detangles your hair, mends damage, and adds thickness and body!!! Some people have problems with keratin in their hair, but it honestly makes mine look and feel so nice!!! I LOVE this product!!!!!! This product is also inexpensive at Sally's Beauty Supply. It is only 8-9 dollars and comes with 8 fluid ounces.

The spray bottle works really well and sprays product evenly.

This is what the product looks like.

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